New magazine on shoe throwing launched

In a move designed to take the prevailing shoe throwing frenzy to a new level, Live-In Media Ltd have launched a new magazine focused on shoe throwing. The magazine, called Shoe, will feature articles, features and commentary on the new national past time and delve deep into the psyche of shoe connoisseurs.

The magazine is the brain child of Jarnail Singh (the guy who bowled an underarm at Chidu) and the unknown guy who flung a slipper at Naveen Jindal (the unknown guy who flung a slipper at Naveen Jindal). “I was not able to sleep that night due to the excitement of having achieved so much in just a day. I had to find a way to channel all this excitement and bring intellectual shoe throwers like me under one roof so that we could pool our energies,” says Jarnail.

“I just wanted to get my slipper back,” says the unknown guy, who has persisted with his modesty and continues to remain anonymous. This dude, has become a legend in his native and is know by various names such as “the sharp shoe-ter, the miss-ile man and warrior sole.

Meanwhile the guy who flung a shoe at the PM, was today taken to a high security prison, while his lawyer has asked the special court to try his client as a minor. “My client was just a kid when Rishi Kapoor was still acting and so he is just a kid. Also, since my client does not know any language other than Ainu (a language spoken by only 300 people in the world), the entire chargesheet of 460 KB should be translated into this language. We don’t want the Indian government to use google translate; if they do we will reject the chargesheet and refuse to read it,” his lawyer claims.

His lawyer has also asked the government to provide DVDs of friends season II and a new PS-II for his client.

Heres the inaugural cover page


Nish said…
why so much emphasize on shoe throwing??? I doubt you too have a secret ambition on this issue ....!
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nish said…
Do follow your basic instincts of MIND !!!:)

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