Mamata rolls out Mano to counter Nano

Mamta has finally given some shape to her dream of teaching Ratan Tata a lesson. The firebrand TMC leader revealed a prototype of her “common man’s vehicle(CMV)” in Kolkata on Friday. The CMV is part of the TMC leader’s grandiose plan to wean away customers from Tata's Nano and to give ammo to her party’s allies.

The vehicle, tentatively christened Mano, is hybrid one that can run on two fuels, natural gas (just like her speeches) and ethanol. Speaking exclusively to this blogger who was stuck with her for nearly two hours, thanks to the new lift they have installed in Writers building, Mamta said that this vehicle would help her kill two birds with one stone. “It will hurt Tata and help our allies in UPA do well in the sugarcane belts in Maharashtra and UP. The bookings will start soon and we will be distributing 100 vehicles to party workers in Bengal. They will be able to reach the deepest jungles with this bike,” she said.

The bike will be launched in two variants, Sleek and Bhappi. The former is for those who want to simply show off in front of their girl friends while the later can carry a heavy load for a significant distance. Mamta’s party has already started searching for brand ambassadors and thespian actor Dev Anand has already been approached, party sources said. “We are hiring him for his never say die attitude. Even if his movie is the only one playing in the city, no one watches it and he has made a unique record of over 45 flops in a row and the dude refuses to quit,” a party worker claimed.


Apple said…
I cant stop laughin lukin at that SMART lookin version on her!! :P

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