Jhappi-puppy-bhappi confusion in UP

Utter chaos and confusion prevailed in one of Sanjay Dutt’s celebrated rallies held in UP recently. The Dutt family scion’s offer of a Jadoo ki Jhappi (magical hug) to UP CM trigged a series of unwanted developments forcing him to scamper back to his native bollywood.

As Sanjay made his offer at the rally, Menaka Gandhi who was rescuing a stray mongrel nearby, heard the phrase as Jadoo ki Puppy (magical puppy), following which she lodged a FIR against Sanjay in a nearby police station. She claimed that Sanjay was trying to defame and malign stray dogs in her constituency. Just then, an aspiring starlet rushed to smooch the munnabhai, saying Sanjay had made an offer of Jadoo ki Puppy (magic kiss) to the audience. His wife however stepped in and said that she will give the starlet a Jhadu ki puppy (kiss from a broom) if she came close to the TADA Munnabhai.

Meanwhile renowned musician and aspiring sumo wrestler Puppy lahiri, who was watching the show on Besahara TV thought that Sanjay was praising him and immediately flew down to the venue to thank Sanjay. But, the stage that was not designed to bear his weight immediately gave way as he stepped on it and Sanjay and his aides fell through.

Mayawathi has booked Sanjay under NSA.


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