IT captains to steer Indian government

In a move set with widespread ramifications for governance in India, this blogger has heard that the new government is mulling a proposal to rope in Indian IT captains to run the government.

“We have seen how the IT industry is squeezing every ounce of work from its workforce. We feel that a similar model can be implemented at the national level to make ministers work and deliver results,” a source close to the PM told this blogger. PM Manmohan Singh appears to have made up his mind to make all the ministers report to a taskmaster honcho from the IT industry on a dotted line basis.

“Every minister will then be provided a set of ambitious KRAs and given deadlines to deliver tangible results. He or she will also have to put in a minimum of 12 hours a day (excluding travel and lunch) and close out a minimum of 50 items by end of day, everyday. Progress will be strictly monitored and all good deeds will be swept under the carpet while the mistakes will be highlighted in a 20 degree appraisal that will be done every six months,” the source said. “Appraisals won’t mean a salary hike and promotion will be occur once every twenty years or after the appearance of Halley’s Comet (whichever happens later). Ministers will be expected to multi task and forget the fact that they have a family too,” the source added.

A key analyst with a global head hunting firm says “The workforce on the rolls of the IT industry is easily among the most productive workforces in the country. In some cases, the work done by a government employee in a lifetime is equal to what an average IT guy delivers in a day. Further, government employees with their social security and pension cushions can afford to relax while his IT counterpart slogs day in and day out without any assurance for the future. This is why the industry has made so much progress, propelled the country to the global stage effortlessly and raked in billions of dollars for government coffers, much of which is going towards funding babus sipping coffee and chewing pan and bribes with equal ease in comfortable offices across the nation”.

This is one of the items on the agenda of the union cabinet when it assembles for its first meet later in the day.


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