Elections 09 in a nutshell

* Photo op of the season- Advani at a gym preparing for the strong vs weak PM debate
* Opportunist of the season - Karunanidhi; asking for a cabinet berth for his entire family
* Screamer of the season - Mamta Banherjee, alleging that the commies had everything in Nano proportions (this line attracted a censure from the moral brigade)
* Missing in action – Jaya Bachchan; did anyone file a missing person complaint?
* Astrologer of the season – Obama for initiating discussions with Advani and TDP babu before the polls. Both are waiting for an encore.
* Heavy weights of the season – Mayawathi and Jayalalitha, who could not convert their physical weight into votes
* Pyjamma award for fair play – Azam Khan for circulating interesting photos of Jaya Pradha
* Mission Impossible award – Maywathi for her PM ambitions
* Deve Gowda award for the most interesting and relevant debate – Kapil Sibal and Arun Jaitley. Topic who is a stronger PM
* Mayawathi award for daydreaming – Sharad Pawar for his PM ambitions
* Lallo award for insecurity - Jaswant Singh for shifting his constituency
* Prachanda award for interest in democracy - Lalit Modi
* Object of the season - shoe


tia said…
U forgot the 'dhobi ka kutta,na ghar ka , na ghat ka award' for mr.ladloo! :P
arun said…
Good summary....
*Naveen and Nitish two kings in their own way but failed to be the king makers.
*CEO of AP did not get board approval once again.
i thought were highlights
Apple said…
Speaker: Uma Bharti..Totally outa picture.. :P
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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