Commies and their role in Indian politics

Commies and their role in Indian politics

* They are relevant as Taoism in Pakistan
* They are as contemporary as the stone age
* They are more loyal to China than PLA
* They are as useful as the guys who dropped pebbles in Ambanis copter
* They are as useful as gills on land
* They are as innovative as the guy who claims he discovered rain J
* They are as entertaining as being stuck on a desert island
* They are as inspirational as Zardari
* They are as charismatic as Mayawathi
* They are as truthful as Ajmal
* They are as witty as prachanda
* They are as original as Anu Malik and Puppy Lahiri
* They are as clear about tomorrow as John Buchanan is about his team
* They are as valuable as the catapult is for NASA
* Their ideas are as welcome as the Swine flu

Commies represent everything that’s wrong. If the swines have a flu dedicated to them, why cant the commies? That’s the question for this week


Apple said…
..and they are as harmless ar the flu virus itself!!

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