Babar Khalasa will glady pay Jaziya: chief

Pakistan-based terrorist organization Babbar Khalsa International has welcomed the Taliban move to impose Jaiza on Sikh citizens of Pakistan. In a press conference organized in Lahore, BKI chief Wadhawan Singh, flanked by high ranked terrorists from Lashkar and Jaish said that there was nothing wrong in paying such a “tax” to Talibani clowns.

“We don’t see any harm in that. If they ask me I will also gladly pay a Jaziya, to save my a**. Besides, we have always believed in supporting groups like Taliban and Jaish and this is just an extension of that thought,” Singh claimed. Taliban, it may be remembered had forcibly captured three houses and ten shops belonging to people of the Sikh community in the Orakzai Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) after they failed to fulfill their demands of huge protection money.

Singh also said that he was grateful to the government of Pakistan for offering help and support for fostering so many terrorists on its soil. “I have met terrorists from Chechnya, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan and even Nauru in this country. Pakistan is a great safe haven to terrorists of all forms and shapes from everywhere. They don’t discriminate anyone and I am lucky to be here,” he said.

Singh claimed that the BKI’s ranks had soared recently due to various reasons. However when a reporter asked him to reveal more details, Singh pretended to faint and he was dragged out of the press conference by ISI agents and guys from Lashkar.


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