Australia ropes in Raj Thackery

Confident of supporting and fostering all forms of racism, Australia has gone ahead and appointed Raj Thackery as its 'racism consultant' to augment its racist credentials. Raj Thackrey, it may be remembered is a famous racist from the India’s financial capital Mumbai and was responsible for the death of many Indians who had come to the city seeking work.

Steven Smith, Australia’s foreign minister is all gung ho about his government’s new initiative. “This is our way of saying that we are serious about being a completely racist country. Our people have demonstrated that we can go to any lengths to attack and maim people who belong to other race, culture or religion. Mr Thackery with his established racist credentials will help us improve our racist leanings and reinforce our reputation as the world’s most racist nation,” he said.

Thackery, who will be flying to Canberra by an Air France flight, spoke to this blogger over Skype yesterday. “I am pleased that I have been recognized for my work. Such recognition is hard to come by and so far I was just a target for bloggers like you. This role will give me an opportunity to go beyond regional racism,” he said.

Thackery will help frame Australia’s new racial code of conduct which will be designed to help the country maximize racial attacks and make foreign nationals feel more insecure.


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