Air France offers new ‘racist’ package for travelers

Air France, the world’s No. 1 racist airline, has come out with a new package for travelers from developing countries. The package christened ‘Race de France’ offers low fares coupled with Air France’s well known racist attitude and ‘cheap’ service.

In a meet the press organized after a second instance of racism by Air France was reported, the airline’s official spokesperson said “this package will demonstrate that we take allegations of racism seriously. We have already proven that we are the world most racist airline and would go to any extent to promote our racist credentials”.

This blogger has learnt through his sources that passengers from developing countries opting for Air France’s racist package will be treated like cattle. They will be offered just one sandwich and a bottle of water for the entire duration of their flight and they will also be addressed using racial slurs and the airline staff will also periodically try and insult and insinuate the passengers. This package will be offered free of cost to all passengers from developing nations for a period of one year as an inaugural offer.

“We are planning to hire Mr Topinath (Founder of Air Dhakkan) as a hospitality consultant. He will guide us on how we can fly an entire bunch of passengers from the developing world while serving only stale peanuts and ketchup. Passengers opting for the racist package may also be made to squat on the floor as a mark of our trademark racist attitude,” Air France’s spokesperson said.

Tie up with Australia
Air France has also said that it has asked its Australia office to recruit goons for it. These goons who were in the news recently for a savage attack on Indian students will be part of the cabin crew. The goon team will complete the 360 racist experience for Air France travelers.


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