After Ambani, its Advani's turn

Two people were arrested by cops in the wee hours of Friday in Gandhinagar after they were found wandering mischievously around a copter that was to carry BJP’s PM candidate L K Advani.

On enquiry, it was found that the duo had come as part of a sinister plot to disorient Advani. The two, employees of the copter co hired by BJP, were trying to replace Advani’s in flight Iron Man work out DVD with a Emran Hashmi movie also staring Dino Morea. Advani is known to watch in-flight movies and does his strong PM work out in one of his aero gyms while watching the video. “If the two had succeeded, if Advanji had seen the DVD, the the consequences would have been disastrous. Advaniji could have passed into comma or even worse, he would have agreed to Mayawathi as PM,” claimed an aide close to the former deputy PM.

The deadly duo have been remanded to a 14 day Multiplex custody. This is the second instance of chopper fraud that has come to light in a span of few weeks. Disgruntled employees of a maintenance co had earlier tried to fix biz tycoon Anil Ambani’s meeting with the maker a few days back.

Meanwhile the ministry of un-civil aviation has asked all chopper maintenance firms to maintain a firm grip on their employee consciousness. “If they fail, we will do what we did to Jet Airways-give them license to operate in foreign countries and put corporate biggies and government honchos at risk.

Sanjay Dut has meanwhile asked the civil aviation minister to give a Jaddu ki Jhappi to all such employees. Menaka Gandhi who was rescuing a stray mongrel from a rally nearby, heard it as Jadoo ki Puppy (magical puppy), following which she lodged a FIR against Sanjay in a nearby police station alleging that Sanjay was trying to defame stray dogs in her constituency. Meanwhile an aspiring starlet rushed to smooch the munnabhai claiming that she wanted a Jadoo ki Puppy (magic kiss) from him. His wife however stepped in and said that she will give the starlet a Jhadu ki puppy (kiss from a broom)

Mayawathi has meanwhile booked Sanjay under NSA.


Apple said…
Multiplex Custody..They ar egona die of boredom..thanks to teh NEW movies cominu out.. :P

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