You know its election time when…

A strange sub species of human beings called psephologists appear on national television
You see your local MLA\MP after 4 1\2 years
Our local netaji start talking about the “constructive role of youth in nation building”
Politicians start blogging
The instances of burglary, murder, fraud and looting come down (since all goons are busy campaigning)
Your local bhai gives you a hafta
Inflammatory speech CDs replace sting op CDs
Booze starts flowing in from your local water supply pipes
Politicians drop in to your house more frequently than your paper guy
Arnab Ghostsawme gets a new pen to poke at his audience
Rajcreep Sardesai dyes his hair
Cyrus Brochure gets serious
Pranoy Toy and his carom\bar buddies appear together on national television
MTV starts talking politics
Theres a national debate on Jayalalitha’s weight, Mayawathi’s beauty parlor and Mamta’s etiquette coach
IPL action is pushed to page 3


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