Pak planning multiple time zones

Pakistan is planning to have multiple time zones to cater to this need raised by several sections of society there. An announcement to this effect was made by Interior minister Ghulam Sher Khan in Islamabad on Wednesday.

“Each time zone will be name after a terrorist who could be found in that an area on that longitude. For example, a time zone based on Longitude: 67° 02 will be called Dawood Standard Time, while the one based on 71 21' will be called Osama standard time,” Khan said. Pakistan has said that this was being done to honor the great terrorists who have placed the country firmly on the international map and has attracted global condemnation.

When reminded of Pakistan’s pledge in the so called war on terror, Khan claimed that this was his country’s way of giving clues to the US. “What can we do if they don’t come down and bomb these places back to stone age? I mean anyway half of our nation is already in stone age, so what difference will that make,” he asked.

Taliban Premier League
Taliban, the rulers-in-waiting in Pakistan have announced that they will be holding a series of T-20 matches across the country to encourage camaraderie among cadres. The matches will be held between teams drawn in from cities currently ruled by Taliban. The tentative list of teams is as follows:

Peshwar Donkey Riders
Bajaur Teen Whippers
Malakand Lunatics
Mardan Moth Eaters
Quetta Stone Agers
Multan Neanderthals
Mingora Dark Agers
Kurram Mullahs


Apple said…
Hehh...will keep them occupied by giving them more reasons to fight.. :P
Apple said…
Hehh...will keep them occupied by giving them more reasons to fight.. :P

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