Good new for all shoe throwers

Jarnail Singh, the guy who gained his 15 minutes of fame by throwing a shoe at an amused home minister, has just finished writing the last chapter of his autobiography aptly titled “Sho(e)t @ Sight”.

Jobless movie director Mahesh Rutt has said that he will convert this book into a movie. The role of Jarnail will be played by none other than their inhouse hero cum vacuum cleaner Emrun Chaseme while a non descript heroine (this time a Pakistani model) will essay his love interest.

“The movie will be an action thriller focusing on the agony of a man who is betrayed by his girl friend, a Hong Kong-based oriental martial arts guru and the daughter of a Chinese billionaire. The twist in the tale comes when the hero’s pet cat is stolen by a cartel of drug dealers from Venezuela,” Rutt said. When a reporter asked him about the connection between the movie and the shoe, Rutt ducked the question by pretending to faint.

Meanwhile, shoe maker Pike has announced that it is designing a special shoe that will help guys like Jarnail Singh get their targets. This new shoe will be light weight, aerodynamically perfect and armed with a heat sensor to ensure target acquisition and hit. “Each person has his own heat profile. Which basically tells us how much heat is radiated by him or her from different parts of the body. When a guy like that Iraqi journalist wants to hit a Bush, he has to get as close to the target as possible and let a special sensor capture that persons heat profile. Once the capture is complete, the shoe is ready for action and can be thrown from a suitable distance and the shoe will do the rest,” says Dr. Hammerschmidst, head of the team of researchers designing the shoe. The shoe also has inbuilt hardware that permits mid course corrections to align it to the target and does not have laces.


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