Former president of US, Bill Clinton in conversation with Rajcreep.

RS: Whats happening with you these days? We are not seeing you much in the international lecture circuit.

BC: I have been quite busy offlate. Lots of work, you see.

RS: But the elections are over and Hillary Bhabi is already the SoS; so what exactly is it that you are working on??

BC: Lots of things are keeping me busy. I have to take care of all dues related to the interns we had hired for her campaign. I am personally handling that.

RS: In hindsight, were you happy with her becoming SoS. You had expressed your disappointment at her not becoming the president.

BC: Yeah that’s right. I wanted her to have more responsibilities. She is a very capable lady and should have got what she deserved which is no less than the office of the President of US.

RS: Come on. Please don’t lie here..lets have the truth.

BC: Actually I wanted her to take over a bigger role as I wanted her to be more busy so that I could spend more time with the interns (starts laughing loudly and falls off the chair)..but alas that didn’t happen. But even SoS is not bad…she is still quite busy and I get plenty of time to spend with the interns.

RS: That’s interesting. So you still haven’t changed.

BC: Come on after Monica Gate, did you expect me to turn into a saint, renounce everything and join the Dalai Lama? That was just a chapter in my life..the book is still being written. Till these interns are around, please don’t expect me to change.

RS: Were you ever hit by a shoe?
BC: People throw other things at me. I can’t discuss those here.

RS: How is your presidential library coming up?
BC: Pretty well I must say. We have cornered all issues of SI and PB as of now.

RS: It is said that Obama has a new nick name for you?
BC: yeah he calls me Billu Barber…apparently that’s what I should have been doing is what he tells me.


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