To get to Dili...faster , dial now

Are you a small time politician in a big party aiming to make it big?
Do you feel you are not famous enough to win the polls?

Look no further! We have a developed a CD that can help you realize your dreams faster. This CD has sessions by thought leaders that help you become popular, dominate the headlines and make your way into the legislative assembly or parliament with absolute ease.

Is this magic?
No it isn’t. Its plain politics, the crooked way. This CD contains special lessons that can help you transform into a true politician and seize power. It helps you cut out your own “Varun” CD to push your career from dusty panchyat politics to the swanky corridors of power in New Delhi.

How does this CD help?
This CD contains sessions conducted by veteran provocateurs like Raj Thackerey, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Vaiko and Mamta Ban-her-jee among others. These “controversial leaders” who have mastered the art of making provocative speeches, will share their expertise with budding politicians to help them attain the same stature as these clowns.

I am just a political novice…I don’t come from a political background….
No need to worry. You just have to try harder and be more controversial and this CD will show you how.

I have just crossed 70 is it too old for me to enter politics?
You can directly aim for the PMs chair. This CD will propel you to the centerstage of national politics irrespective of your age. We firmly believe age is but just another number. The older the better and we have a special discount for super senior citizens.

Do you have any special offer for me? I am fighting the upcoming polls to parliament.
Order now and you will receive a free bonus session by none other than Varun Gandhi.

I don’t believe you..
Listen to what our successful customers have to say.

“I was a backbencher till I came across this CD. Today I am in parliament and I owe everything to the Controversial CD teacher.”

Chavvani Lal – first time MP

I was an honest and upright politician with a development agenda for 30 years of my public life; but I was not going anywhere. After using this CD two years ago, I have become the CM of my state today.

Current CM of a state.

So wait no more. Pick up the phone and dial now 1-800-420-420. Our operators haven’t eaten for days waiting for your call.


joseph said…
this seems so ironic
till ystrdy v r lukin forward to Gen y leaders
n dis s te thought leadership by Gen y
all in te same league of divide n rule
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lunafey said…
mamta ban-her-jee he he he

In my state, Mizoram, they say it's the people's fault that we have bad leaders. We refuse to elect the good people hoping that we will get some favour from the crooked ones for our votes.
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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