A nano government

Our new government should be like the Nano…why? Why not?

It should be like the Nano…
Compact – Less number of ministers
Efficient – More work, less wastage of resources
Driven – By a vision, just like Ratan Tata was when he embarked on this project
Compete – With opposition to take the nation forward
Affordable - Shouldn’t come with a high price tag for the nation and its citizens
Epitomize – A billion dreams, if not more
Showcase – Our capabilities and skills to the world
Undefeatable – In spirit and action for the right cause
Inspirational – If we can dream it we can do it

And why the government should not be like the Nano?
Controversial – should stay away from all forms of controversies
Hyped – Hype is ok, if the govt can live up to it
Cheap – Shoudnt be cheap in terms of ideals, expenditure on social security, health care, education and defense


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