Mullah Omar at the India today conclave

Taliban leader and all round joker Mullah Omar will be addressing the ongoing India Today Clown-clave. This was disclosed by a Live-in Media spokesperson in New Delhi on Friday.

The sham conclave organized by clowns at Live-in Media has already seen the participation of the biggest sub continental joker Pervez Musharraf. “I was shocked when I saw the invite. I mean why would anyone invite me? I don’t know what’s going neither inside Pakistan nor outside. Its another matter that I can speak at length about how we have organized militancy in Kashmir and Afghanistan, trained Taliban or how I authored Kargil war. Other than this I have absolutely no idea about anything; my pokimon langots included,” Parvez said.

The Clown-clave has already attracted much criticism for inviting Musharraf. Mullah Omar will be speaking on Peace and religion. Other speakers and their respective topics include:

Ramlingaraju – Sanitizing corporate governance – the way forward
Pappu Yadav – Criminalization of politics – is there a way out?
Ajmal Kasab – Dealing with religious fundamentalism
Former ISI Chief Hamid Gul – Ensuring peace in the subcontinent
Chinese Communist Politbureau Chief Yukk Thoo Chin – The essence of democracy in Asia
Prakash Karat – The patriotic Indian
Dawood Ibrahim – Anti Money Laundering and its adverse effects on global economy
Lahore Police Commissioner – Securing sporting relations

Other than the above chief of the Lashkar-e-Toiba is expected to address the gathering via video conference.


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