Govt to regulate future slumdogs

In a move designed to regulate negative projection of the nation in matinee, government of India has announced a policy covering movies that show the other side of life in the country. The comprehensive policy is aimed at movie houses who prepare movies like Slumdog millionaire that have had a dream run at the BO and Oscars.

Highlights of the new policy:

• Rights will be given to make only one movie ala SD every 5 years per director\production house or a combination thereof
• Every director\production house who\that gets such rights will have to invest 60 percent of the global BO collections in India
• Every director\production house who\that gets such rights will have to compulsorily make a movie that shows the glamorous side of the nation to offset all forms of negative publicity generated by SD type movies
• No movies that hold politicians responsible for various ills in the country will be allowed
• Movies on terrorism must compulsorily depict Indian government as a proactive savior of its citizens and a champion of justice

The policy is effective immediately and will be strictly enforced. The government here has constituted a body headed by Dev Anand to keep a watch on the global film industry for violations. “Violators will be subjected to a 72 hour nonstop marathon of Post-1980 Dev Anand movies and production houses will be forced to buy overseas rights for these movies at exhorbitant rates,” a bureaucrat in the Culture ministry told this blogger.


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