SRS chief bags Nishan-e-Aehmaq

A vultural delegation of hard core members from Sri Ram Sena (SRS) will be visiting the Taliban infested parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan soon, sources in Taliban have revealed. Taliban have extended an invitation to SRS after the infamous Mangalore incident and the same has been accepted by the pack of chimps led by psycho Pramod Nutalik.

“We have seen how they were treating women the other day. It was quite impressive and their ideology seems to be quite similar to ours and we are really eager to learn from them,” a Taliban spokesperson said in Bajaur on Saturday. The spokesperson told this blogger that the visiting team will bring a SRS kit containing documentation, videos and presentations on torturing women, exhibiting uncultured behavior in public and narrow mindedness, among others.

It is said that SRS head and chief schitzo Pramod Nutalik has been personally invited by Taliban to visit Pakistan and Afghanistan. Both organizations will be exploring synergies in operations, knowledge transfer and even exchange of hoodlum ambassadors. “It is hard to find organizations with expertise these days. Rest of the world is moving fast and becoming more cultured, while few of us have chosen to stay in stone age. It’s our choice and we are loving it. We have to gel together to ensure that we inflict our narrow-mindedness on the rest of the world,” the Taliban spokesperson said.

Sources have also told this blogger that Taliban will be honoring Nutalik with their highest uncivil honor, the Nishan-e-Aehmaq, during this visit. This award, to be conferred by a cave dwelling mullah, recognizes public acts of lunacy and honors narrow minded stone age behavior. The recipient is given a certificate, signed by a local Taliban commander, a donkey along with a 10 day all expenses paid stay in a Tora Bora cave.


deekay said…
Lago raho prayukth bhai, ;)
Prayukth said…
Thanks dude... :)
Apple said…
Yepp..Stoneage..cuz we have to preserve our culture right?? ;)
they are the OBCs after all....with special quota and all..
lets not underestimate em.. ;) :P
Prayukth said…
Yeah..appy these are Grade A ahmeqs :)
Apple said…
Hehehe...yeah..we MUST learn from them...

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