Puppy da sues Lockheed Martin

Looks like Lockheed Martin has bitten off more than it can chew. Desi rock star and style icon Puppy Lahiri has decided to file a case against the multinational aerospace manufacturer for criminal breach of trust and causing undue suffering.

In his complaint filed at a Bangalore police station, Puppy has alleged that Lockheed could not live up to its promise of flying him in an F-16. Lockheed had approached Puppy for doing a sortie in the ongoing air show at Bangalore. After a battery of tests, Puppy was declared fit for flying and moved to the fighter cockpit. A proud Puppy seemed to enjoy it all. He was happily waving at the media folks gathered to cover the event.

Puppy’s enthusiasm reached a crescendo as the F-16 taxied over the runway and aligned itself for a final takeoff. Puppy was seen flashing his thumbs and passing off salutes ala Tom Cruise in Top Gun. His joy was however short lived as the plane after a long run failed to take off and fell with a loud thud. The craft was simply unable to fly and one of its engines even caught fire. The fire tenders reached the spot within minutes and Puppy and his co pilot were pulled out from the wreckage.

Puppy was then escorted from the site and dumped outside the venue by a group from Lockheed. “The whole incident has not been in good taste. I was supposed to fly and compose some original numbers in the sky. They simply couldn’t live up to their end of the bargain. I had written article in a key aviation magazine praising the aircraft and its combat capabilities. I had rated it above the Sukhoi and Mirage and look what they have done to me,” a distraught Puppy told this blogger.

A spokesperson for Lockheed Martin however denied all allegations made by Puppy and said that the pop i-con was responsible for what happened at the air show. “Mr Puppy lied about his weight and also managed to fool one of the weighing machines we had installed at the test center. The plane is not designed to carry such heavy weights,” he said.

According to sources, Lockheed has approached Puppy for an out of court settlement as part of which the former will offer Puppy a ride in one of its C-130J Super Hercules aircraft.


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