India to use drones against local Taliban

They have blown the langots out of Taliban in Pakistan and now the Indian government is importing them to carry out surgical strikes against the Indian Taliban viz., culture vultures like Mutalik and team. A top government official in the home ministry told this blogger over a call that the government was seriously considering using airborne drones to attack and neutralize the persistent threat to freedom of citizens from groups like Sri Ram Sena and MNS.

“The drones will be here soon. We have heard about how well they have done in Pakistan and now we want to use them against groups that threaten broadmindedness and freedom in our country,” the senior bureaucrat said. The ministry plans to release these drones to a special team of cops that will target all self styled moral and social policemen in the country. The drones will attack locations housing these radical groups. The team will also gather intelligence on the subversive activities of such groups and attack them before the threat turns into a reality.

“If possible we will get Renuka Chowdary to monitor the first flight. The initial plan was to drop her from a height of 500 feet to squish Mutalik,” the home ministry bureaucrat added.

The move has already found support from concerned citizens. “The drones will scare the you what out of people like Mutalik who don’t believe in individual freedom and think they know whats best for the society. Let them also know what it is like to have their freedom curbed,” a Bangalorean told this blogger.

“The Indian government wants to send a strong message out to all hooligans out there. This is not Pakistan where we just sign agreements with all types of morons. In India, we simply exterminate them. People like Mutalik and Raj Thackrey will now have to stay in bomb proof bunkers or move to Tora Bora Mountains where the terrain will protect them from the drone attacks,” another home ministry official said.


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