ISI welcomes David Miliband’s statement

British Foreign Minister David Miliband’s statement about Pakistan not having to extradite 26-11 suspects has been welcomed by ISI.

“This is a very positive statement and we will definitely reciprocate,” ISI chief. Shuja Pasha said in Karachi on Tuesday. He went on to say that the certified Al Qaeeda partner in Pakistan will try and reduce the number of militants sent to UK this fiscal if that country were to make such noises in future.

According to sources, ISI affiliated and supported terror groups send almost 300 terrorists on various visas to UK every year. This year, ISI wanted to raise the number of sleeper cells in UK from 78 to 112 but, owing to recession, the organization has scaled down its plans and this move will reduce the number further.

“We are in the process of redeploying the trained militants on other missions as of now as the UK ones are proving to be too expensive and we simply afford them anymore. We do not, I repeat, do not want to layoff any trained terrorist and so will be offering other projects to such folks,” a HR manager at ISI told this blogger. “Let me put an end to all rumors propagated by the unruly media and bloggers in this respect. ISI is a terrorist friendly organization and we don’t believe in laying off people. Besides we have a high attrition rate, thanks to the guys we export to other countries to carry out terror attacks there and we can and will absorb all terrorists who have been given offer letters this quarter,” the manager added.

ISI has been recruiting militants from various organizations like Jamat Ul Dawa over the last decade. Jamat Ul Dawa has received over 40 offer letters from ISI and these recruits are expected to join the premier terrorist organization in mid 2009 at the end of their training period.

Shoaib Farooq, a final year terrorist who has majored in suicide attacks is happy with the assurance given by ISI. “I could not imagine a scenario where ISI did not recruit me. The only other option would have been to join the Pakistan army but those guys don’t go on any suicide missions by themselves; so my core competencies would have been unused there,” he said.


Apple said…
Its amazing ghow they are never short on cash..Recession??whats that reallyy??

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