Has 26-11 changed India? Find out

We spoke to a cross section of Indian citizens (and a Pakistani) to find out how life has changed after 26-11.

Astrologer: Earlier people used to come to me with their personal problems you know..love life, career etc. Nowadays, they call me and ask…will I return home today? Which are the places to avoid? Where will the bomb go off today? There is paranoia all around…

Teacher: My students are asking me not to teach the usual stuff like chemical formula of salicylic acid, benzene’s ring structure etc. They now want me to teach them how to dodge bombs, what to do in case of an explosion and how to detect a chemical attack.

News channel anchor: we have created separate sections to manage news reports related to bomb blasts, indiscriminate firing, grenade attack etc. You see we have so many such incidents happening on a regular basis that we felt the need to have specialized teams managing the related news reports.

Government official: I have asked my boss to allow me to work from home. Since I travel almost 2 hours a day, my life is constantly in danger. I would rather die near my home rather than on the way to my office.

Weatherman: No one wants to know about the weather anymore. Most of the people ring up to ask if I can tell them about any impending terror strike.

Pakistani Terrorist: I am really scared these days. There are so many terrorists from my country operating in India that even I am afraid that I may die in a terrorist strike perpetrated by my fellow countrymen.

6-yr old: I have heard our government say that we are running out of patience since the last month. Do they plan to continue running out of patience in the new year too? I mean what are we waiting for? If Pakistan is an international migraine, blow it out of the face of earth. We will be doing the whole world a favor. Am sure the world would be much safer without Pakistan around.


Absolute said…
Good one! The 6-yr old is the most sensible of the lot! Indian govt sure has a lot of patience..
Apple said…
Govt Official..FUNNY...
bujt i will side by the 6-yr old..

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