Chandrayaan III payload identified: ISRO

India’s premier space research organization has announced that it will be sending a one way cargo to earth’s nearest celestial neighbor in 2015 as part of the the third phase of Project Moon. Indian government has already approved the payload and asked ISRO to work towards dispatching the same at the earliest.

Chandrayan III will carry a consignment of goons and hoodlums from Shri Ram Sena and MNS. Also on board will be Indian Idle contest winner Raj Thackrey and 2500 year old monolith and head of Sri Ram Sena Pramod Nutalik. “Indian people have already declared these idiots as persona non grata and we are pleased to help our fellow citizens in disposing this garbage,” ISRO spokesperson told this blogger.

The Government approval for disposing these nutcases came late Friday evening. This blogger has learnt that the team at ISRO has been asked by the government to expedite the disposal. “We have had enough of these anti national buffoons who are intellectual and social illiterates and know as much about patriotism and culture as a Talibani knows about web 2.0. Before dispatching them, we will expose these goons to the public. Nutalik will be let loose amongst a crowd of women. Let him preach his Jurassic ideology then,” a senior official of the Department of Space said.

ISRO has always made every Indian proud with its scientific prowess and unparalleled competence has been fueling the nation's cherished space dreams on shoe string budgets. Now the organization has risen once again to the call of an angry nation to dispose a bunch of protoplasmic waste Pakistanis who were accidentally born in India. “If needed, we will dispatch another bunch to mars. We will undertake as many missions as needed to cleanse our nation,” the ISRO spokesperson added.


deekay said…
thats a great idea dude, we can offload a great quantity of waste in that way, :)
Prayukth said…
Hey DK...thats the whole idea buddy :) exporting toxic waste..
Apple said…
hehehe...yeah...solves so many probs..
Including Pupulation control.. v know why was China jumping so much...
Prayukth said…
hehe yeap Appie.. Chinese S(ho)ure have problems ;)

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