We wont act until another 9-11: Condi Rice

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in conversation with Arnab Ghost Sawme.

AG: Its now a month since 26-11 and Pakistan has still not delivered anything. Are you actually doing something to pressurize them or is everything eyewash?

CR: We are aware of that. We had tried to bring Pak under pressure by stopping some shipments containing Pokimon langots; but alas, Pakistan is not responding.

AG: Please don’t give us this bull*&^%. So far US has played a wonderful role by indulging in half-hearted diplomacy. What are you guys waiting for another 9-11?

CR: That’s quite true. You see until something drastic happens to US interests, why should we act? If 26-11 had happened in US, we would have blown Afghanistan away and invaded Iran even though both these nations don’t have much to do with international terrorism.

AG: Every, every single instance of international terrorism has its roots in Pakistan. Taliban has its ideological base there. Pakistan is churning terrorists by the millions and US is not even worried. You are arming them to the teeth and they are acting belligerent.

CR: I agree.

AG: Isn’t the US worried? Tomorrow these guys will attack your country.

CR: As I said before, we will act then.

AG: So why are you stopping us from taking unilateral action against Pakistan? We will be doing the international community a great favor by eliminating these terror camps. You are not doing anything and you wont allow us to do anything either.

CR: Pakistanis are really scared. Their PM calls me day in and day out. The other day he saw Pranab (Mukherjee) making a statement on keeping all options open. He nearly had a heart attack. His greatest worry is that India will launch a military strike and take over Pakistan in three days and then he will be turned into a clown for a late night entertainment show.

AG: Where do these Pakistanis get such stories? I mean these guys are letting their imagination run wild. They should restrict such stories to blogs. Pakistanis don’t know how to separate fact from fiction. This reminds me of kids who tell ghost stories and get scared themselves. Did you have a word with the Chinese leadership?

CR: yeah in fact I spoke to the Chinese premier the other day. He defended the Jamat-Ul-Dawa and said that it was a highly pious religious organization with noble goals. Later the CIA told me that the JuD was the sole supplier of melamine and lead to Chinese dairy industry and toy manufacturers.

AG: So will the US ever act against Pakistan

CR: We continue to build pressure on Pakistan to deliver on the commitments made to the international community. We will try and ensure that there is a heightened level of sensitivity in Pakistan towards India and..

AG: So you will not do anything, right?

CR: Bingo…


Apple said…
Ms Rice..Oh so Mature...

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