Predict a terror attack, win a prize

A FMCG major has launched a new game show in which participants can dial in and predict a terror attack. If the attack does materialize, he or she will get a prize sponsored by the channel airing the show.

The unique concept was conceptualized by a group of citizens after the repeated failure of Indian government to prevent terror attacks on the nation’s soil. “We are fed up and want to convey a message to the Indian government. I would rather have a guy with high ESP tell me that there’s gonna be a event today, rather than rely on the government and be killed,” a member of the group said.

The contest is also open to the members of our so called intelligence wings. The group believes that the prize could inspire these sleuths to sharpen their intelligence gathering capabilities and deliver more accurate forecasts. Prizes will be given based on the accuracy of the information and this contest is not open to Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals.

“I would like to make it very clear that this contest is open to Indian nationals only. I have had calls from Karachi, Dhaka and ISI headquarters asking if they can participate in the show and I had to politely decline the offer,” a channel spokesperson said.

Participants can dial in, send a sms or log on to the channel website and post their predictions. The prediction must necessarily include the name of the place, nature of attack and the timeframe should not be more than 72 hours. The prediction should also not be on the lines of the ones given by IB and RAW (terrorists may target a major city over the next few months). Such predictions will be disqualified in the first round itself.

Meanwhile the Indian government has welcomed the initiative and promised to offer all support to the organizers for the show. “We may in fact examine some of these predictions and ignore them as usual,” a senior home ministry bureaucrat told this blogger.


Apple said…
What's the Prize?? ;)
Apple said…
Ahh,..i can sitthere all day and keep sending accross my predictions then. :P

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