Pakistani air force on high alert

After reports of air space violation began trickling in, Pakistan has put its air force on high alert. Paki air force consisting of 13 hand gliders, 10 gliders, 23 hot air balloons, 6 advanced helium balloons, 12 pigeons, 2 sparrows and 32 kites has been asked to maintain a state of high alert.

Additionally, Pakistani radar system consisting of three FM radio handsets and two scarecrows has also been made functional on a 24\7 basis and Pakistani air force personal on leave have been asked to report to their air bases at the earliest. Pakistan's paranoid PM has asked his nation to stay calm while he and entire political apparatus of the nation is booking tickets on the latest Saudi flight to Jeddah. "We will fight them with everything we have. We are flying to Saudi just to ensure that the ordinary Pakistani citizens are safe and sound," Pakistani PM Gillani said in an emergency broadcast on PTV. He claimed that his nation was prepared for a war and that they will not give in till they were routed completely.

The response to the alleged air space violation coming at a time of heightened tensions is threatening to snowball into crises. Pakistan had earlier put its navy consisting of 3 fishing boats and 12 dingis on standby.


tia said…
no stand by......we should just hibernate them !!!!!!!!!!!!
Apple said…
Xcuseme...u forgot the army of rats... :)

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