Pak angry with kashmiri millitants

An angry Pakistan has recalled its two penny separatists operating in Kashmir valley. This anger comes in wake of the successful completion of local elections in J&K – something that Pakistan never wanted.

“We have been feeding and clothing these parasites for years and look what they have given us in return. They had clear instructions to disturb the polls, threaten Indian citizens and hold massive demonstrations to weaken the resolve of the local populace. They have not succeeded in anything and the ISI chief is fuming,” said Pakistan’s minister for Kashmiri interference.

The recently concluded polls in Jammu and Kashmir witnessed record turnouts, spoiling the crooked plans of Pakistan-backed rats. A disappointed Pakistan is now venting its fury on the separatists, who are on the rolls of ISI and Pakistani army. Pakistan has asked all separatists to report to the ISI’s Kashmir cell in Lahore for further instructions. “It is quite apparent that many heads will roll and many changes can be expected in the coming days,” claim analysts closely monitoring the situation.

Former ISI chief Hamid Gul, tasked with stroking militancy in the valley has openly voiced his dissent over the whole affair. “Is this what I worked for all these years? Do these idiots have any idea of how much we had pumped into militancy in the valley all these years? This is a major setback and I have the ISI not to disburse the salaries of these militants and the figureheads this month, he said.


Apple said…
if they actully utilised this money..they might have been considered a DEVELOPING nation...
but again..headed wher is the question

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