ISI is holding a beauty pageant :)

The cash strapped ISI has decided to host a Miss Terror contest to rake in the big bucks. This was stated in a release datelined Islamabad issued by the agency late Saturday night. “ISI will organize a Miss Terror contest in the coming months to collect money for our social activities,” the release said.

According to ISI Chief Sujha Pasha, the agency had in the last few years reduced its budget for noble activities. “Due to certain exigencies, we have been unable to look after the families of the terrorists dispatched to over 80 nations around the world by ISI. This has really started pricking our invisible conscience and we do feel kind of guilty,” he said.

According to Head Operations (ISI), the contest will be divided into various rounds where Pakistani beauties will be pitted against each other. Each round will be named after a terror group sponsored by the Al Qaeeda franchise such as Lashkar, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Al Badr, etc. The judges will be conservative leaf-eating, donkey riding mullahs drawn in from the rugged mountains of Tora Bora, some of whom have never seen a woman in their entire lives.

The contestants will be asked questions like “which is the best place to blow yourself up and why? There will also be an ammunition round in which contestants will walk the ramp armed with AK 47, 56, Chinese grenades, rocket launchers and so on. The winner will represent Pakistan in the miss terror (global) contest sponsored by Al qaeeda and get a chance to dine with the one and only Osama Bin Laden in his 3 BHK cave in addition to a donkey autographed by Al Qaeeda top brass.

ISI is hoping that this contest will give it a much needed break from the negative coverage the agency has been receiving in the last few weeks. “The Pakistani political and military apparatus is trembling fearing an Indian attack and this may serve as a perfect distraction and keep their minds away from a possible war,” a defense analyst said in Lahore yesterday.

Meanwhile in Islamabad, the bogus media reports wing of Pakistani government is working overtime to create sensational reports. This wing, created post 26\11, is tasked with bringing a new hoax story every Sunday. The hoax call and the Indian fighter jets intrusion stories have reportedly been authored and propagated by this wing. All such reports are said to be emerging from the drawing room of a scared general who is heading this wing. Sources have told this blogger that this paranoid general has already dispatched his family abroad but could not make it himself as the Pakistani government refused to clear his papers.


tia said…
we all know who Miss Terror is here.......
Apple said…
well..atleast THEIR media will have some genuine work man...

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