Welcome...to the Jurassic Park

In a major breakthrough, scientists and paleobiologists from the National Institute of Jurassic Research have managed to locate certain ancient species living in India. These individuals have been around since the time when life made its debut on the planet and continue to thrive. Needless to say their fossilized mindset is still frozen in those times and they are working hard to push the nation back to the pre Cambrian era.

Mamtosaurus: A classic specimen from the early Mesozoic characterized by its steadfast reluctance to evolve. This one is known to go for days without food or water to put pressure on competitors. One is still not sure as to how it hunts for food.

Deveraptor: Another ancient specimen from the late cretaceous. This one is known to essay multiple roles with ease. A known project stopper, Deveraptor gets its food as commissions by taking a cut from food gathered by other hunters. Some of the scientists are of the opinion that the hyenas may have evolved from this species.

Prakashosaurs Karat: a typically traitorous member of the species commie, that used to roam the planet during the early cretaceous epoch. A characteristic trait of the members of this species is a undying loyalty towards a paleogeographic division called China. Prakashosaurs does not hunt and derives its food from China and is a know chinaphile.

Rajatosaurus Sharmis: belonging to the early Mesozoic era, this dinosaur is known to propagate malicious and outlandish superstitions through any available medium.

Shivarajosaurus Patilis: belongs to a line of animals that invest much of their time in showing off rather than hunting or gathering. This species is perennially on the verge of extinction, but is saved by loyalty to its master madamosaurus.

Mayasourus: part of a species that lacks personality, charisma or leadership skills. This species has survived to this day by changing strategies to woo new classes and masses as part of its never ending thirst for power. This creature is known to dig tar pits for opponents.

Rajosarus Curzonis: a cross breed between a chameleon and a hyena, this species has the genes of both these creatures and therefore exhibits the features of both. This species earns its livelihood by creating fissures between other creatures and snatching their meal.


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