Raj Thackery attacks SETI

MNS head and all round joker Raj Mockery has launched a verbal barrage against the Mountain View California based Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, a non-governmental organization engaged in the search for life outside planet earth. Mockery alleged that SETI was implementing an ‘evil agenda’ to replace earthlings with cheap labor from outside the solar system.

At a press conference attended by two stringers from unknown vernacular dailies, Mockery claimed that incase extra terrestrial life were to be detected, they could come over to earth and settle down here. “SETI is doing its bit to make sure that all earthlings lose their jobs and become vandals like my partymen. They should let sleeping dogs lie and stop their search at the earliest or else I will dispatch a bunch of my nastiest party workers to vandalize their equipment in California,” Mockery threatened.

After launching a campaign against his own countrymen, Mockery has now set his sights on aliens. “Already there is a financial crises going on and people are being laid off like chickens. In such a scenario, these aliens may just end up taking over some of the jobs that we earthlings are doing,” Mockery claimed. His party has already distributed over 5000 T shirts with the message “I lost my job to an alien – thank you SETI”.

While making a serious attempt to be taken seriously, Mockery claimed that the aliens were already here as people were now seeing UFOs like ‘saas bahu’ serials. He has issued a verbal instruction to his party workers to attack and burn UFOs whenever and wherever they are spotted. Mockery’s party the No-Nirman Sayna has already dispatched some workers to burn fields where crop circles had appeared in the past.

Jobless socialite and page three junkie Sobha Day while supporting Mockery said that these aliens may actually become writers and snatch her livelihood.


arun said…
reminds how much an alien this mockery is!!!.. i remember the old joke about a boy born in maharashtra without brains and the doctor smartly fills "bull s*&#" in place of brains and today the boy is grown up and is heading a party called No Nirmansena as u called"
Apple said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Apple said…
That bloody Thakre dude..he needs to DIE..!!
Prayukth said…
:) Appy...he will one day...but the thing is people who sow hate...reap hate..that guy will get his principal back with interest...

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