Al Qaeeda bags stake in Thackerey's party

In a move that could lead to a major realignment of terror forces in the sub continent, transnational terror organization Al Qaeeda has purchased a minority stake in the Raj Thackrey run No Nirman Say-na. The 33 percent stake, purchased for an undisclosed sum, will enable Al Qaeeda to nominate a director to attend the board meetings of Raj’s party.

“The stake represents our interest in a party that has the same destructive tendencies and divisive policies as the Al Qaeeda. Both the parties can now look at synergizing their operations and knowledge transfer to pave the way for a new wave of terror across the globe,” Comical Ali, spokesperson for Osama Bin Laden said in an interview yesterday.

Al Qaeeda, with its footprint in over 60 countries has been looking at various options to establish a presence in India. The initial plan using ISI’s SIMI and Bangladesh-backed HuJI failed miserably as these two organizations were only taking orders from Islamabad and not Tora Bora mountains. Defense analysts feel that by backing the No Nirman Say-na, Osama is trying to go one up on ISI and show that he is not a spent force.

Meanwhile in Mumbai, the reincarnation of Lord Curzon and his supporters were elated by the news. “We were always anti-national and anti-people in our policy. With this move, we have truly proved that we are not just against our own people, but also against peace in the globe,” Raj Thackerey said. Party spokesperson Adam Gilchrist will be addressing a press conference in the wee hours of Saturday to announce the stake transfer. The party will also be honoring its workers who have destroyed maximum public property in the last few weeks. Party insiders have told this blogger that workers who have burned more than two busses will be promoted and given higher positions in the party hierarchy.


Apple said…
No Nirman Say-na
Hehe..i like that

N where will i moveup in hierarchy if i burn2houses?? :P:P

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