India's least wanted

The race to crown India’s least wanted character(s) has entered the next round. Yes, we are talking about the television show viewed by more viewers than a Bangladesh vs Bermuda world cup tie. Indian Idle season next promises to be more thrilling than its predecessor that put more than 50 people to sleep in its 14 week run.

Like its predecessor, this year’s contest brings together the nation’s most-hated and loathed people. These folks have done more to bring shame to the country than any of their fellow citizens and therefore deserve to be deported at the earliest. These are pests, jerks and freaks who the country hopes would stay idle for the betterment of the nation. The winner gets a one-way deportation ticket to Timbuktu and his Indian passport is revoked in a public ceremony.

The show has come a long way since the original Indian idle, Ravan, was crowned centuries ago. Since then, the nation has produced a fair share of freaks who have competed fiercely to outbid each other to the throne. Though the original Indian idle (or atleast his dummy) is burned every year, his successors have managed to avoid this trial by fire. Prakash Karat was last year’s Indian Idle.

Lets look at some of this year’s leading contestants.

Mamta Ban-her-jeeIf you have to beat the commies at their own game in their own backyard, you must be having some nerve. This lady from Bengal has single handedly snatched the livelihood of over ten thousand citizens and have turned the people of Singanur into losers with a single move. Ban-her-jee is on an overdrive to ensure that her state loses every investment opportunity and is now in the process of identifying infrastructure projects to scuttle. Her ultimate agenda is to push Bengal towards stone age.

Shivraj Pat-illThe fashion conscious home minister of the country has been in the news for his insipid response to terror attacks around the nation. This man has the audacity to change clothes while rest of the nation is in shock and mourning. Maybe he should have been on the ramp rather than at the helm of a ministry responsible for ensuring the safety and security of Indian citizens. Be it Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, New Delhi or Tripura, the man has only one thing to say “we condemn such cowardly acts”. Maybe if the terrorists were as bold as the home minister to change clothes after every act, the home minister wouldn’t call them cowards.

Devil Gowda and family The satan’s own family was in the news this year for a soap opera enacted before the helpless people of Karnataka. The dreaded father and son duo made the state face untimely polls and force the exhausted electorate of Karnataka back to the polling booths. This year saw the rise of his prodigal son who has turned colors more often than a chameleon and is walking in the footsteps of his illustrious father by backstabbing the leading parties of the state and the people in the bargain. Devil Gowda missed becoming last year’s Indian idle by a whisker. This year he has brought his family in tow for improving his prospect.

Rajat Sore-maRajat’s television channel-India TV is one of the worst news channels on air today. A store house of the worst possible stories and stupid people, India TV is brining shame on the nation every single day with the name that it carries. For Rajat, any news minus some inflated bogus story about ghosts, witches, flying pets and exploding tissue papers is unacceptable. His channel, today defines cheap content and peddles stuff that only he and his team can understand. This guy should be tried in his own “paap ki adalat”

More on Indian Idle in the coming weeks. Start casting your votes-now.


arun said…
hey... good one.... actially there are many more running for the post of the least wanted Indian....
listing them all would be tough... may be we can ask India-TV to run a survey on the most wanted Indians and the there findings can be blindly put as the leaders of the Least wanted...

trust me they are capable...
the great Indian Khali(WWE) is a possible winner in an India TV survey..
Prayukth said…
Haa ha aha :)

Agreed dude...if i were to list all the jokers,the google server will run out of space ;)

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