Ghosts in the White House..

In what could be termed as a development, US President George Bush has set up a high powered committee to bury all speculations on ghosts haunting the White House. The committee, including scientists and paranormal experts from around the country, will conduct extensive investigations and submit a report to the senate in the first week of December.

Action against the ghosts was on the US government agenda for a while now and the latest move may be driven by certain unexplained events that have happened in the recent past. White House Press Secretary Dana Perino feels that this move will put an end to all rumors about ghosts haunting the famous home of the most powerful man in the world.

Stories about ghostly haunting in the White House have been around for ages. It is said that Lincoln's ghost haunts the White House. He appears in the room where the Lincoln bed is kept. Harry Truman once responded to a 3 o'clock knock on his door and found no one there. When he returned to his laptop, someone had deleted his profile on facebook.

Lincoln is said to return to the White House when the security of the country is at risk. He strides up and down the second floor hallway, raps at doors, and stands by certain windows with his hands clasped behind his back. When Dubya entered the White House, Lincon was seen running across the hall, clasping his ghostly hair.

Some witnesses even claim to have seen apparitions of Presidents who are still alive. “I was once in the East Room and felt an overwhelmingly dumb presence in my vicinity. Then I realized that President Bush was actually standing behind me,” says Kevin, who had visited the White House as a student 6 years ago. One staff member saw President Clinton with an intern in a corner of the library, when he was supposed to have told Hillary that he is attending a meeting on capturing Osama at a secret location outside Washington.

President Dubya often blames the ghosts for various things. He is said to have blamed the visitors from the netherworld for the disappearance of a jar of cookies baked by Laura that went missing in the middle of the night. According to a close aide, Dubya never sleeps without his stuffed Teddy bear PoBo. Bill Clinton is another president who used to frequently blame ghosts for various events. Once when Bill was caught with his pants down, Hillary was told by the then president that the “ghosts made him do it”.

Ghosts have also been seen by visiting dignitaries. Former Pakistani dictator Gen Mushraf, once wetted his pants, ran down the West Wing and collapsed. He later claimed to have seen the ghost of some guy with a beard who had told him that Pakistan won’t get any military aid that year. The famous commando dude was so scared of the ghost that he decided not to visit the US president without guards or without his lucky pokimon langot.

The committee headed by renowned paranormal expert Dr. Hammerschmidst, will scan the White House with Magnetic field measurement and real time air temperature measurement equipment, gauss measurement apparatus, audio amplifiers, UV cams and plant 5000 thermal sensors inside the building. Hammerschmidst has also asked Mrs. Bush to hide the jar of cookies till they finish their project and publish the findings.


Apple said…
MAYBEEE its abouttime these ppl shud get away..the ghosts seem2b giving these guys a msg..

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