China not to 'raise' Karat this year

In a decision that is bound to affect the Karat household, China has decided not appraise the commie chief for the second appraisal cycle this year. This decision was taken by the Chinese Commie Chiefs in a late night meeting held in Beijing yesterday.

“Karat will not be eligible for the second appraisal cycle due technical reasons,” Xinhua, the official press agency of the Commie government, said in a report datelined Beijing released today. However, sources close to the Chinese commies have told this blogger that the move has more to do with Karat’s mishandling of the nuke deal that was signed between India and USA yesterday than anything else.

Chinese commies were betting on Karat to prevent the Indian government from signing the deal and had in fact pumped in millions of dollars from the funds earmarked for the Beijing Olympics for this purpose. Karat, according to sources, made extensive trips to Beijing over the last 26 months and was briefed extensively on the plan of action for depriving India of a chance to meet her energy needs. “China had a stake in ensuring that India remained an energy starved nation to further its hegemonic plans for the region,” an Indian government official said.

Apparently, when the Indian parliament was in session to debate the Nuclear energy bill some months ago, China wanted to purchase some MPs to ensure that the bill sank in parliament itself and took the government along with it. “However, since that didn’t happen, the Chinese government has decided to do some plain speak with Karat and tell him that he can no longer take his Shangai retirement plans for granted,” a Chinese embassy source claimed.

Sources also claimed that the Chinese government was currently evaluating the “aid” offered to the Commie Party of India, its honchos and affiliates including the meaowists. In the interim however, Karat will not be considered for this evaluation cycle; but, the commies may give some peanuts for him to roast in the next cycle that falls in H1 2009.

The news did bring gloom in the Karat household. Mrs Brinda Karat couldn’t hide her emotions as she vented her frustration at what she claimed was a “step motherly treatment” being meted out to her husband. “You know how costly vegetables have become? I was counting on this (nuke) deal being scuttled by my husband and team to ensure that our finances run smoothly. Now that this has happened, I have asked my husband to approach other countries like Iran who can still pay us for lobbying on their behalf”, Brinda said. Mr. Karat was not available for comment.


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