ISI to list, plans to launch TV channel

ISI chief Nadeem Taj has asked the government of Pakistan to do more to let the people of Pakistan and other countries know about the pivotal role ISI is playing in fostering terrorism.

Nadeem was speaking at a rally organized in Bajaur in the FATA region to mark the anniversary of formation of Taliban. “We have been doing so much offlate-spreading terror in Kashmir, running opium and arms business in South Asia, arming and sheltering Al Qaeeda and helping the Taliban and do the people know about these initiatives? I am afraid not,” he said.

Asking the Pakistani government to come clean on Taliban, he said that Pakistan needs to tell everyone that ISI is currently bigger than Al Qaeeda and was doing more to jeopardize international peace than any other organization. “We do all the work and Al Qaeeda gets the credit. Take any international terrorist activity that has happened over the last ten years and you will notice that Pakistan is an active participant in all those incidents and who do you think is acting on behalf of the country,” he asked.

When asked about the recent incidents of violation of Pakistan’s borders by US troops, Nadeem said that this was nothing new. “Our sovereignty was never intact; infact so many international forces have violated our borders that we don’t feel that we need these illusionary fences. The soviets have done that and now the US folks are doing it. When we ourselves are not bothered about our sovereignty, no one else needs to worry,” he assured.

Rolling out the future plans of ISI, Nadeem said that the Pakistani government was planning to list the ISI in various stock exchanges around the world. He feels that this will bring in more money for carrying out nefarious activities and usher in more operational transparency. The AL Qaeeda is said to have a stake in ISI and is planning to divest the same to generate funds for its operations, sources told this journo.

“We will also diversify into various other fields. Infact we are planning to launch a TV channel that will have a show called kaun benegha terrorist which will identify future terrorists for ISI to train and arm”, Nadeem said.


Apple said…
"..we need these illusionary fences"
Illusionary ehh..!!No wonder they walk into Kashmir every now and then as on their evening walks!!
Prayukth said…
:) yeah..yeah..its illusionary for them. Infact everything is illusionary for them including their belief that they are on par with India...

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