Puppyda's hollywood foray

Crystal Ball
Rating *** 1/2

Set in the year 2012, this movie revolves around a CIA agent and a nuke briefcase.
Misha (Jessica Alba) is a covert CIA agent attached to the US embassy in Belarus tasked with protecting a nuclear briefcase. When the weapon goes missing, she is given 72 hours by the CIA to locate it and bring it to NATO HQ in Brussels.

After trying her luck with diverse humnit and technit sources, Misha gets desperate as all her plans to recover the weapon reach a dead-end. Finally a close friend asks her to contact a remote viewing (RV) expert, used by CIA in the late 70s for its then active RV project.

The expert, Dudeson (Puppy Lahiri), however is angry with CIA for closing the project without doling out adequate compensation to subjects like him. When all her efforts to persuade him to help her fail, she pretends to fall in love with him (that manages to convince Puppy da to join the project). Dudeson gets to work straight away and manages to bring in the first lead and a surprising one at that. The briefcase according to Dudeson has entered UK and is on the move.

Misha now has less than 24 hours to comply with her deadline and the fact that the weapon could be used during the London Olympics complicates things further. Misha and Dudeson join hands to pursue the weapon. Will the duo be able to locate the weapon in time? Will the phony love that Misha has for Dudeson turn into a real one? Watch the movie to find out.

This movie marks the debut of Puppy da into Hollywood. He has indeed justified his foray into bigtime marquee with a splendid performance. Jessica, as the restless CIA agent with no time for breakfast essays her role with élan. Watch out for a comic cameo by Pak president Mushraf as a chef in an Indian restaurant in London.


Apple said…
Puppy Da..splendid performance....ahmm..sounds like antonyms..

and well..i am waitingfor the Chef to join in so that there is some malsla added on to the curry.. ;)
Prayukth said…
hehee the chef is facing some real action in pakistan offlate so may not join soon ;)
Apple said…
Hehehe...His impeachment has deprived you of speech to comment upon his joining ehh??
Prayukth said…
no yaa he cannot escape so cheaply..will make sure that he enters the kitchen and does what he is supposed to do.. ;)

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