Lost tribe in Amazon and its Indian connection

We managed to locate a member of the lost tribe whose existence was reported in papers sometime back. This guy was lost and searching for food and water when we found him. We managed to interview him and heres the exclusive:

How is life in the jungle, cut off from all forms of civilization?

Life is pretty tough here. Sometimes you see our internet speeds drop below 2 MBPS and then it becomes tough to download those songs.

You have internet here?

Hey, what did you think we are in some primitive place or something? We often browse the web for all sorts of things – including knowing about our friends in different parts of the world. Some of them are in some place called parliament in your country.

You mean you have relatives there?

No silly, they were a bunch of jokers who were too primitive and uncivilized to be part of our cultured and learned tribe, so we banished them and they escaped to different parts of the world. I see so many of them on your television news channels.

That’s interesting. Do these guys stay in touch with you?

They dare not. We will never take them back and considering what they are doing to your country and the rest of the world, we don’t want them back.

How do you look at the rest of the world? Do you want to join the mainstream civilization, so to speak?

You guys are far more primitive than us. Just look at your infrastructure, the way you drive, the way you behave and treat your fellow human beings…such a way of life in unacceptable in our society. Out here every individual is respected and treated with love and care. We believe in fostering relationships and celebrating diversity and the welcome all forms of innovation and radical thinking with an open heart. We may be primitive in your world where technology is the sole judging criterion; but in terms of humanity, we are far advanced, we don’t need technology to stay in touch and we don’t have artificial relationships. For us everything is genuine and friendships are above everything else.

Hmm, you do seem to be far advanced than us.

The very fact that you have chosen our discards as your leaders indicates that your existence is but existential and for the sake of survival only. You may have achieved technological progress but in terms of actually living on our planet, we call the shots and we can even beat you with one hands tied in a 20-20 championship.


Yeah, that was truly entertaining. The way some people were slapping each other, enacting a drama of Shakespearean proportions, was entertaining. We don’t do such things in our part of the world where games are played with a spirit of friendship. Infact in our part of the world the runners up are awarded more prize money, than winners, as they have to put in more effort the next time to win.

Do you guys blog?

No blogging is for weenies here. Out here we give our citizens ample opportunities to speak their mind out in public forums, without worrying about persecution. Infact, in our world, the elected representatives cannot speak for more than two zilows (less than 3 minutes). It is the people who do all the talking and politicians cannot do anything but listen.

Do you have communal riots?

No, never. Here we banish people with divisive minds faster than they could spread their evil thoughts. As I said many of them are now sitting in your parliament.


tia said…
'blogging is for weenies?' ;)....hey nice one..another feather in ur cap!! :)
Prayukth said…
Thankings dear Tree... i wouldnt have to blog if i had a platfrom(not the railway one ;)) where i could speak and express my thoughts so thats the connection there...
Apple said…
No wonder Tarzen was more famous than any of those junkies on TV..
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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