Exporting suitcase politics

Newly elected members of Pakistani national assembly have requested their Indian counterparts to teach them the ways of suitcase politics. Pakistan, which is already trying to ape India in diverse fields like cinema, education, science, information technology and countless others is now ready to copy India in governance.

Speaking to press on the occasion of the country’s 61 Independence day, National assembly speaker Dr. Fahmida Mirza claimed that the upcoming Musharaf impeachment drama will witness massive horse trading. “When that (horse trading) happens, we don’t want our MPs to be sold for a pittance. I’d rather have our guys get what they deserve or more than that,” he said. Applauding the large scale trading that happens in India, Fahmida observed that the Indian MPs had become experts in selling themselves for astronomical prices and this was yet to happen in his country.

Sardar Anees Khan, a member of the lower wing of national assembly is in complete agreement with Fahmida. “if you thought that the IPL guys got all the money, wait till you see the bank accounts of the Indian politicians. The fellow at the lowest rung of the ladder there must have earned enough money to buy off our country,” he says. “This is why we have asked them to dispatch Chavvani lal, the MP who commanded the maximum premium during the vote on nuke deal. We have a lot to learn from him,” he added.

Another member who didn’t wish to be named pointed out that Pakistan was an established name in terror export, counterfeit currency and drug and arms running, but success had evaded this country in the field of suitcase politics.

Meanwhile, Chavvani though apprehensive is looking forward to visiting Pakistan. “Such things are never taught; no one told me how to sell myself and people of my constituency and so I am not sure if I can teach these folks the under the table tricks,” he says. He also feels that his friends in Pakistan have to learn the associated stuff also like flinging footwear, tearing bills, indulging in unethical behavior etc. “Its not just the suitcase theres also the footwear, the fistfights, the unparliamentarily language and of course the bribes. We are thought leaders in these areas,” he adds.

Chavvani will be leaving for Pakistan early next week. Pakistan will be sending a special PIA flight to fly him down to Islamabad.


Apple said…
"Chavvani lal, the MP who commanded the maximum premium"

I like the irony here...in the name and what it commands.. ;)
Prayukth said…
hahahahhahahhah :) nice catch thetre appy

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