Horse trading aint a joke

Horse trading body launched

In a move designed to bring a semblance of transparency, capital markets regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India has announced the establishment of a separate trading body to deal with elected members. The body, tentatively called National Horse Exchange, will exclusively engage in trading members of parliament.

Apparently, many business houses were interested in establishing such an exchange in wake of the last round of horse trading that happened recently. For putting together a business model, SEBI has roped in capital markets specialist Dr. Hammerschmidst from the Cornflakes Institute of Management. Currently Hammerschmidst is doing an in-depth study on how MPs were trading a week ago during the debate on the nuke bill and the pricing mechanism followed then.

Needless to say, the parliamentarians are excited by the move. “Just look at some of the film stars, walking away with those princely amounts for such pathetic acting. Our show is on 24 hours be it inside the house, outside or even when we are on vacation,” says MP Chimmen Lal. “Further, we provide complete entertainment, be it drama, action, comedy or even suspense…we have it all; so we need more,” he adds.

His colleague, who was purchased recently by a national party, feels that the members were not getting their due. “This exchange will help us fetch better rates and will also serve to rate individual members on their capacity to create a ruckus in the house, disrupt proceedings and stall movement of important bills,” he says. “We often sell ourselves to so many people that it becomes hard to figure out as to who we are working for and this exchange will solve this problem,” he adds.

Members will not go under the hammer directly, but will be assigned a buying price and selling price. An important feature is that other than the MP himself, the party can also decide to sell off their excess baggage and earn some moolah in return. Nutwar singh, spokesperson for the Political Lowlife Association is all praise for the idea. “For long this country has seen members being traded for peanuts and its high time someone gave us our due,” he asserts.


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