Crooked neta on facebook ;)

The other day I was doing my routine net surfing, when I stumbled upon the profile of a neta on a popular social networking site. Read on to see what the dude has to say about himself and his profession.

Name: Chavvani Lal

Profession: Politician (slime ball)

Current city: New Delhi

Charles Sob-raj, Dr. Kidney, Mayawathi, Shiboo Soren, Nick Leeson, Ketan Parikh, Ghooskor, Chaipani...view all.

Network groups:Drug runners, kick back seekers, back stabbers, we are always on sale, arms dealers, money launderers, Urea scam, Tihar needs a makeover...view all.

Chavvani and Pungee Lal are now friends; Chavvani found Pungee using the “crooks you may know” tool

Chavvani has become entangled in Urea scam

Dr. Kidney has given a bribe to Chavvani. To bribe Chavani, click here.

Chavani has joined the “we get so many kickbacks, but are still broke group”

Chavvani has added the “how to fix a bribe” game

Chavvani has added the “hafta vasooli” application

Chavvani is a fan of Chota Dawood

Status: Chavvani is trying to evade a CBI warrant. 3 hours ago.

Recent visitors: Interpol, CBI, FBI, ISI, IPI, III, BKI etc…

Updates from friends:

* Dr. Kidney is hiding in Havana. Say hello.

* Charles Shobraj is thinking about his new fiancée. Disturb him

* Ketan Parikh has just laundered $ 3,00,000,000. Seek kick back

* Pungee Lal has just concluded a million dollar arms deal. Congratulate him.

* Ghooskor has become the latest victim of a sting operation. Poke him.

* Chaipani has become involved in a hit and run case. Bail him out.

* Chota Lal has received a fake doctorate. View.

Chavvani’s albums:

Anniversary at Tihar

Visit of international drug cartel

First interrogation at CBI HQ


Apple said…
I like how rich this CHAVANNI is...
and har money raining from everywhere man..
Prayukth said…
the man is using web 2 what else do u expect?

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