Weekly roundup

So what else is happening?

Lallo wants translators…
Taking a cue from Charles Sob-Raj, Lallo Prasad was last seen actively seeking the services of a translator. The “turnaround” railway minister has justified this move saying “array..when crooks and thugs can have girl friends, why cant I and besides, I have accomplished more than Sob-raj..(we agree Mr. Lallo, there’s no comparison between you and Sob-raj, who is nothing but a glorified novice in front of you.

Bush heckled…
On his final U.S. Independence Day as president, Bush was heckled by a few dudes sitting in the audience. Must appreciate the patience of these hecklers…I mean imagine waiting for all that long to say all those nice things to Bush. Dubya must also be thanking his stars that he in his final leg of his term. The hecklers must now find a new bhakra.

OPEC ‘concerned by rising crude prices’
Really? Did I hear it right? This international cartel has but one business to do which is to ensure that the speculators don’t walk away with all the moolah. Working hand in glove with the oil exchanges, these guys have finally hit the right note. While the rest of the world is moving away from SUVs, the auto majors have found new buyers for these gas guzzlers in OPEC nations. I wonder why…These guys are so concerned that many of them are now vacationing in different parts of the world.

Government skips the commie deadline…
And who is worried? The commie jokers have held the country for ransom for over a year now, refusing to allow the Indian government to enter into this vital deal with the US. Karat, now has a lot of explaining to do, for his masters sitting in Beijing. If the Indian government goes ahead with this deal, Karat and his bunch of red-riding hoodlums can kiss their Beijing Olympics tickets goodbye…

Lankans obsessed with IPL
So much so that the country’s board has allowed their key players to ditch their national side and play for IPL, when the next window opens in the first half of next year. As things stand now, Lankan players are slated to play England near about the same time as IPL. The board has jumped the gun and given a blanket approval to the players to dump their national colors and play for offshore Indian clubs. Agreed that the money counts, but the hurry with which the board has moved does not convey the right signals to the budding sportsfolks in that country. Did I hear someone speak about outsourcing patriotism?

Arushi murder case solved?
Atleast the doc must be a much relieved man, now that all this is behind him. The sad part is how cunningly the media switched sides in this long drawn quagmire. Initially, the doc was projected as a cold blooded killer with a shady past. Now that the CBI has given him a clean chit and public sympathy is with the doc, he is being projected as a victim of circumstances. The point is that media had already tried Dr. Talwar and branded him as a killer, without having any concrete evidence whatsoever. Amateur arm chair journalists visiting the crime scene umpteen number of times and conducting their own two-penny investigation aided by local panshop wallahs. Which brings me to my conclusion – we don’t have any news channels in India; instead what we do have are channels playing their versions of saas-bahu serials.


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