Relationship insurance? Whats that?

Relationship insurance

Fed up of constantly moving in and out of relationships without any tangible benefits? We have news for you. In a move designed to help folks move on from broken relationships, the country’s premier insurance firm Yell I See (YIC) has announced that it will be launching a ‘relationship insurance’, soon.

This insurance will be available to everyone, irrespective of their age group and would cover all relationships-legal or otherwise. Speaking exclusively to us, YIS chairman Chimmen Lal Ghothi said “this will be the first insurance of its type in the world. Customers will be able to claim 100 percent of the insured amount, incase their relationship does not work or their other halves simply run away.”

To be eligible for the insurance, the customer will have to register his or her relationship with the organization, define it and then fill up around 33 forms in triplicate. YIC will then do a background check on the individuals, ascertain if the relationship will work or not and calculate a premium amount based on these and other factors. “Even affairs with your neighbor will be covered and you can claim the entire amount when he or she moves on, isn’t that great,” Chimmen said.

Waif Ali Khan, one of the earliest customers, was seen walking away in despair from one of YIC’s Mumbai branches. When asked, this is what he had to say. “They refused to insure my relationship with Meebo. How dare they? Don’t they know how stable we both are in our relationships? To add salt to the wound, they even said that they can insure Meebo’s pet’s relationship with another mongrel; but cannot do the same for us. I am left speechless, what have we done to deserve this, he wondered.

In defence of YIC, Chimmen Lal said “we cannot help it, as we have gone by the rule book. In fact my relationship with one of my colleagues has also not been insured, since I was deemed a serial dater. Meanwhile an elated Mess Wadia was seen jumping from the roof of one of the YIC branches. When contacted he said that his relationship with Priety has been approved, as they were impressed by the way I was chasing her every time.

What about relationships were there is only eye contact and nothing concrete to validate? “In such cases, we will issue virtual bonds which they can convert into money 150 years from the date of registration. The catch is that both the individuals will have to come in person and claim the money”, Chimmen said.


Apple said…
Could not stop smiling..
Very interesting concept... Would help a whole lot od people..and insurace agency can forget other businesses...this one will give them enough revenues to keep going till eternity..
Prayukth said…
Thanks Apple..relationships are indeed fundamental to us humans...we should sort of map this into relationship 2.0 and sell.... :)

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