Bush’s definitions

Lets take a glance at some of the things that Bush has defined in his own words.

Antarctica: a country ruled by Eskimos and is the largest exporter of refrigerators. People living in Antarctica wear a special type of shoe which prevents them from falling off the earth.

ASEAN: a word used to refer to anything from Asia.

Comet: an association of communists and meteorologists.

Dalai Lama: An action hero from Hong Kong

Earthquake: movement of earth caused by Puppy Lahiri hitting the dance floor.

Gangsta rap: Obama’s campaign anthem.

Hillary Clinton: Daughter of the guy who was the first to conquer Mount Everest

Hu Jing Tao: What you scream when a steel vase falls on your bare foot.

Moonians: inhabitants of moon, who are sneaky and hide on the dark side of the moon. These guys have a terror agenda on their minds and so we should try and invade the moon as soon as possible.

Mongolia: A country ruled by some guy called Chengis Khan.

Myanmar: A type of cheese sold in some parts of Asia.

National Organization for Women: Hillary’s vote bank.

Ocean: a vast body of water created by companies drilling for oil.

Red sea: A vast body of water surrounded by states ruled by communists.

Space: An area beyond North Korea, where they sell fused light bulbs.

Sub-prime crises: A disease that affects people midway through their lives.

The Pyramids: A series of triangular structures build around the time when John Mc Cain was born.


Apple said…
:) I like the play of words..like ASEAN...and Sub-Prime Crisis ;)

Also..seems like Bush needs to attend school...
but its very interesting....and funy too..

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