These folks should not mate

Genetic engineering has allowed scientists to predict the skills that kids will gain from their parents. A reputed Timbuktoo-based publication carried out a series of tests on various celebs to find out how their progeny will be, if they mate (thank god that didn’t happen). Here are the results…

Bhappi Lahiri and Jayalalitha: Adnan Sami will be the result.

Emran Hashmi and Britney spears: The kid will never need a vacuum cleaner.

Amartya Sen and Naomi Campbell: the kid will assault all those who oppose his economic theories.

The alien from the movie predator and a rhesus monkey: Andrew Symonds will be born

Rip Wan Winkle and a common weasel: Devil Gowda

Saurav Ganguly and Jayalalitha: The kid will probably look like David Boon

Mess Wadia and Mandira Bedi: A TV commentator who wears noodle strap you know whats and follows cricketers everywhere.

Shobha de and Vikram Seth: The kid will become Khuswant Singh one day.

Bhajji and Simi Grewal: A talk show host who will slap his guests after the show.

Bhappi Lahiri and Carla Bruni: The progeny could be a successful jewellery model.

Preity Zinta and the great Khali : A wrestler who hugs and squeezes his opponents into submission.

Kareena Kapoor and Laloo Prasad: A size zero railway minister..


saravanan said…
real funny man...

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