Indian politicians rule the “tragic quadrant”

Politicians in India have just got another reason to celebrate. The internationally renowned publication Cartner has just placed them in the “pests” category in the Tragic Quadrant for leadership.

The Tragic Quadrant is a graphical representation of the global leadership landscape. It depicts Cartner’s analysis of how the political leadership in various countries measure against criteria such as competence, vision, capabilities, strategic thinking etc.

The magazine places Indian politicians in the same league as their counterparts from Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe etc. This means that the Indian “leaders” are second to none, when it comes to failed leadership and lack of vision. According to the magazine, the occupants of the “pests” category” can take their country and countrymen to oblivion, and wipe out progress within minutes with their selfish and divisive policies.

The magazine goes on to say that the “pests” category politicians cannot do the country any good and countries are better off without them. In its word of advice for the citizens of the countries ruled by the tragic quadrant dwellers, the reputed publication says that citizens should throw out these “pests” at the earliest, if their nations have to move ahead. A Cartner spokesperson went to extend of branding such politicians as “power-hungry amoebas”.

Meanwhile in India, it was celebration time at the headquarters of major parties. Chimmen Lal, Chairman of the Politicians Association of India, was ecstatic when he heard the news. “I can’t believe this, I knew we were somewhere in the top 10 but being ranked right up there is a real honor. From now on we are globally recognized and certified pests, what more can I ask”, he said. It is because of the tireless efforts of my seniors and peers that we have made it and I would like to thank this opportunity to thank all of them for this”, he added.

From early morning, politicians have been thronging to his house to congratulate him.


Lunafey said…
he he ... funny :)
but i wouldn't place man Mohan Sigh under 'Tragic Quadrant' :P
Prayukth said…
Agreed, this one is for the ones who have nothing to do with governance buddy...



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