Meet more animals from the Indian Premier League

Continuing with where we left last time, we introduce some more animals from IPL.

Preitycus hugeveryoneis: commonly called the serial hugger, this creature is being studied for its strange powers to make its group members perform with a simple hug. The surprising part is that its mate does not receive any hugs from it. It is known to hunt in the grasslands of Finks XI and jump once every 3 seconds without actually knowing what has happened.

Nessicus Wadis: common name: the invisible frowner. Is found trailing Preitycus everywhere and spots a distinct lost look on its face every time. Is not known to display emotions in public but many scientists have managed to observe a faint frown, each time Preitycus doles out a liberal hug. This frown has not been captured on film yet.

Vijaymallis Moolah: commonly called perennial grumbler, this creature is a known power center in the IPL food chain. It is often seen enjoying the company of females and is known to whine once every 24 hours. The whining is often directed at members of its own group, who do not have the requisite skills to hunt and gather food for VM.

Charupithicus Modestis: Also called the silent screamer, this animal has been hunted to extinction from IPL by Vijaymallis Moolah. Though some animal behavior experts believe that the extinction has more to do with some undesirable changes in the environment, rather than VM’s hunting skills.

Souravis Gangu-tellis: Also called Do-da, this creature is on the verge of extinction (This animal is not related to the dodo). Though a good hunter, this creature has not received enough support from its group. Fissures within its group have affected its hunting abilities and the animal is now seen whiling away time in between hunts.

Cheeris leaderis: commonly referred to as the jumping freeloaders. These animals have been imported from different parts of the world and are therefore non-native species. To this day, there is an active debate raging in scientific circles on the utility of these brightly feathered creatures. Some believe that these creatures owe their existence to a now-extinct animal called Mandiris Noodlestrapis, which wandered on the plains of World cup matches half-a-decade ago.

Sharadis Poweris: commonly called the frog lipped plain jumper, this animal never hunts for food, but by virtue of its position in the food chain, gets more than its share. This animal rests at the pinnacle of IPL food chain and is often surrounded by a chosen coterie of tail waggers.


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