Meet the animals of Indian Premier League

Today, we take you through the jungles of IPL and introduce some of the exotic animals that lurk here.

Bhajjicus Paajies: Also called as the slapping spinner, this animal is a known trouble maker. Under distress, it makes strange noises to ward off its opponent. If this doesn’t work, it extends its arm forward and places its fingers firmly on the cheek of its rival. BP is threatened by its own aggressive behavior and may be extinct soon, if does not mend its ways.

Andrewcus Symondis: is often called the limestone monkey. This animal is commonly found lurking in the deccan dischargers area of IPL. A unsightly white mark near its mouth is the distinguishing feature of this creature. AS revels in mocking opponents, but it’s acts often go undetected, thanks to the white mark around its mouth, which makes it hard to tell if it is talking, abusing or simply breathing.

Sreeshanthis Dramatis: also called as the dancing joker, SD is anything but gentle. It enjoys taunting its opponents and goes to any length to irritate and mock them. A known showman, the animal displays its dancing skills during moments of joy. This animal can only be calmed by a 120 degrees strike on its face. After the “slap”, SD exudes a transparent liquid from its eyes for nearly an hour. This liquid, rich in sodium chloride, is also found on the exo skeleton of SD’s group members. This is because of its habit of rubbing its face on the exo skeleton of fellow animals.

Shoaibita Syringis: also called as the Syringe runner, Shoaibis is found wandering in the plains of Kolkatta tight riders. This animal is know to charge at opponents at break neck speeds and celebrate a successful hunt by running in a gliding motion with both hands placed at 75 degrees from the ground. SS is known to travel with a pack of syringes and is often found at the wrong place at the wrong time in wrong circumstances.

Laliticurse modicus: Also called as the jumping tycoon, this animal has never been spotted hunting. It is not known to hunt and relies on other animals for food and shelter. LM occupies a position of great strength in the IPL food chain and is therefore well-placed to leverage the power of other animals to get its daily meal. LM is known to lurk around powerful groups in the jungle and is never attacked by any of the jungle residents.

Umpiris redundantis: this is not an individual animal but a group that is attacked by almost all animas in the park. Its decisions are never followed and the animal is forced to stand like a mute spectator while other animals make a mockery out of the jungle rules. Attired in bright red exo skeletons, these animals are almost rarely seen or heard in the jungle. Unlike other jungles, in IPL, this species has little to do. There are three sub-species within this genus called as first, second and a rarely seen third one.


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