Indian Panga League

The Indian cricket board is planning to launch a new league on the lines of the Indian Premier League in the next half of this year. The new body, to be called the Indian Panga League, will blend the excitement of cricket with violent theatrics of wrestling. This announcement was made at a press conference arranged by the board yesterday.

The Panga league will have teams comprising of cricketers, pro wrestlers and even politicians. Every team will have a mix of these "professionals" in a ratio to be fixed by the board. Slapping, kicking, punching, cursing and all forms of unacceptable behavior will be permitted on the field.

Every match will be divided into two halves; in the first half spanning 10 overs the rival teams will play a round of cricket (5 overs per team). During these overs, a chosen player from the fielding side will needle the opposition players and raise a tantrum if decisions don’t go in their favor. In the second half, this player will be challenged to a freestyle duel by a player from the opposing team. For a team to win they have to cross the opposition score or restrict them from surpassing their total and their chosen player should be able to defeat the chosen opponent in the ring in the second half. The umpire can also give wrong decisions on being threatened, or of his free will, just to spice up the proceedings.

"After the Bhajji-Sree incident, we felt that the players were not getting enough opportunities to express themselves and so we decided to go for this new league," said Lallit Moody, IPL Commissioner. Bhajji, Symonds, Sree, Shoaib and Ganguly have already signed up and many more are expected to join soon. Two-time MP Nut-war Sing is all excited by the new league. "This is what I have been asking for years in parliament, a league where I can square off with my political rivals and thrash them in the ring," he said.

And what about promoters? The bad boy of bollywood Salman has apparently expressed interest in owning a league team.


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