Dr. Priety’s miracle hug

An innovative model of efficiency has sprung up from the recently concluded IPL. Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came down to Mohali recently to study this exciting phenomenon that has transformed an otherwise ordinary team into match winners.

At the center of this transformation is an experiment run by Dr. Priety, the owner cum mentor of the Finks XI team. Tired of getting average performances from her team, she devised a new method to turn things around. In the initial days, she began hugging the
captain of her side and voila, the team started performing like champions almost overnight. Gradually as the days progressed, hugs were also rationed off to other members and the dosage increased, as the competition got tougher. In the last few days of IPL, the captain was promoted from hugs to kisses.

The MIT team, lead by Dr. Hammerschmidt, is simply baffled by the success of the experiment. “I have been here for just three days and already feel the power of her hug working on the team members. These guys are all fired up due to her hugs; even the physio wants to go out there and hit a few sixes,” he said. Hammerschmidt however feels that this is not the first time Dr. Priety has successfully used this model. She had apparently tested this on her fiancée cum resident guinea pig Mess Wadia when he was launching his airline in India.

Dr. Priety meanwhile is getting offers from various quarters for her hug. A public sector telecom major (Bogus Sanchar Nigam Limited), for whom she is the brand ambassador, has asked her to hug the entire top brass of the company. Bogus hopes the hug will reflect positively on the company’s fledging margins within the current fiscal itself. Offers have also come from across the border, from Pakistan, where the ruling tin pot dictator (Gen. Mushu) has asked her to hug him to turn his fortunes around. Hillary Clinton is also said to be mulling her options on inviting the tiny doc to USA to boost her campaign.

Citigroup honcho Vikram Pundit has offered to personally come down to Mohali to receive a miracle hug from her. Vikram has already received shareholder approval for this and is expected to fly down soon. Oil companies reeling under the weight of rising global crude prices have asked her to hug their CEOs and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas agreed in principle to the proposal. The minister is himself expecting a hug from the Doc as Lok Sabha elections are around the corner.


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